Camping Details

Experience the best of nature with our amazing camp ground. 

Less than 25 People

$15/person per night


25 People or More

$13/person per night

All camping reservations must be made by phone.  Call to see if spots are available on the date your group wants to come.  All people in the party must be under 1 reservation. One form of payment is required so have people in your group pay you ahead of time through Venmo or other methods.

Please note: We reserve the right to change reserved sites if needed due to weather or group sizes/changes, although we do our best to honor sites chosen on a first come basis.

Camping Rules

We’re sorry, but no fireworks are allowed.

We’re sorry, but no pets of any kind are allowed.

Yes, but only with a scheduled float, no camping only. Weekdays are a great time to camp because the campground tends to fill up on weekends.

Last minute cancellations or “no shows” will be charged for what they have reserved in full. Cancellations must be made 7 or more days in advance to receive no penalties. You may change your headcount up to 72 hours before your arrival.

Check out time 10AM unless otherwise agreed.

We are unable to accommodate RV’s and large trailers due to an elevated railroad crossing going to our campgrounds.

  1. We simply will not provide outfitting services to those who choose to abuse alcohol and break the laws regulating its usage.

  2. There will be no open alcohol allowed in our parking lots, vehicles, put in or take out spots, or office.

  3. Open alcohol is against the law at put in or take out spots and public areas.

  4. Alcohol in our campgrounds is a personal choice, can be dangerous, and is not encouraged by James River Runners, LLC Those who abuse the privilege by exhibiting unreasonable behavior will be escorted out of the campgrounds with NO refund and will be subject to possible legal repercussions. Remember that your actions reflect on both you and your entire party.

  5. Public intoxication is against the law and local police will enforce this.

  6. The public is forewarned that enforcement roadblocks have become commonplace and designated drivers are a necessity for the safety of all of us.

Yes. These camp sites are available ONLY to our river equipment rental guests.

All participants must be 10 and up for hard boats, canoes kayaks and 6 and up for inflatables, rafts and tubes. As well as “all minors must be accompanied by and adult at all times on and off the river with age verified by parent of guardian.