Before you get on the water you'll need to fill out our waiver form.
            Your safety is our top priority.


You must be 6 years old and up for tubing and rafting and 10 years old and  up for canoes and kayaks.


        If you are late for your shuttle time please be aware that you may have some wait time as we find room for you on the next available shuttles


 One form of payment is required for each reservation so have people in your group pay you ahead of time through Venmo or other methods.

                                     A 25% non refundable deposit is required for large groups and will go towards your balance.   

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Cancellation/Refund policy?

Last minute cancellations or “no shows” will forfeit the full cost of trip reserved.  Cancellations must be made 7 or more days in advance for no penalty. If it is after the 7 day advance you may reschedule and prepay to a later non-refundable, non-cancelable date in the current season. The reservation holder will be responsible for last minute cancellations/no shows of the whole group and payment will be charged to the card used to hold the reservation.

You may change the number of people in your group up to 72 hours before your trip. You must confirm the number of people in your group 72 hours before your scheduled trip or you will be held accountable for the number of people booked.

Cancellations or changes to group size must be made with the staff, messages left after hours will not be accepted.

What is the age limit?

Participants must be 10 and up for hard boats, canoes kayaks and 6 and up for inflatables, rafts and tubes.

All minors must be accompanied by and adult at all times on and off the river with age verified by parent of guardian.

Do you have Group Rates?

We do offer Group Rates on most trips. Group rates start at 25 people and up as a single reservation and all payments and signed waivers checked in at one time by the group leader.

What is your alcohol policy?

* We simply will not provide outfitting services to those who choose to abuse alcohol and break the laws regulating its usage.
* There will be no open alcohol allowed in our parking lots, vehicles, put in or take out spots, or office.
* Open alcohol is against the law at put in or take out spots and public areas.
* Alcohol in our campgrounds is a personal choice, can be dangerous, and is not encouraged by James River Runners, LLC Those who abuse the privilege by exhibiting unreasonable behavior will be escorted out of the campgrounds with NO refund and will be subject to possible legal repercussions. Remember that your actions reflect on both you and your entire party.
* Public intoxication is against the law and local police will enforce this.
* The public is forewarned that enforcement roadblocks have become commonplace and designated drivers are a necessity for the safety of all of us.
*We reserve the right to restrict cooler items or check ID’s
*We will not put out coolers with glass bottles or hard liquor.

What if it storms, Bad weather policy?

We run rain or shine. If the forecast is spotty we plan to run until there is definite severe weather forecasted. We constantly monitor several radar and forecast sites daily. If we have to cancel trips due to impending weather we will do our best to reschedule and there will be no charges for JRR cancelled trips. We will not cancel trips for light or mild rain, and reservations will be held accountable unless arrangements have been made to reschedule.
Weather in the area can be unexpected and in the event a storm pops up while you are on the river we instruct you to pull off the river and seek safety and wait it out. Once the storm passes, you continue on your journey.
This is remote country and a self guided trip. Once on the river there is no easy access off until the takeout.

Prohibited Items?

No pets, styrofoam coolers, or glass. No drugs or open alcohol on premisis. No flip-flops

When should I get there / How late can I stay out?

Please arrive 30 min prior to your trip time to allow check in. All equipment MUST be returned no later than 6pm. Late fees of $40/person per hour apply after 6pm.

Do I need to rent river equipment to use the camping sites?

Yes. These camp sites are available ONLY to our river equipment rental guests.

Can I reserve a campsite?

Yes, with a scheduled float, but no camping only. Specific sites can be reserved on a first come first serve basis and we do our best to honor site preferences however they are subject to change due to weather and group sizes.

Site assignments are subject to change but generally are reserved for each particular party. ALL CAMPERS MUST CHECK IN at the office upon arrival.

When is checkout time?

Check out time 10AM.

What is your RV policy?

We are unable to accommodate RV’s and large trailers due to an elevated railroad crossing going to our campgrounds.

What is your Noise/Generator Policy?

Out of respect for all enjoying the campgrounds there are no generators permitted and quiet hours are from 10pm to 6am and is strictly enforced. No loud motors or amplified music during quiet hour please .

Are fireworks allowed?

We’re sorry, but no fireworks are allowed.

Are pets allowed?

We’re sorry, but no pets are allowed.

Please Note:

  • James River Runners reserves the right to cancel or change trip itineraries, watercraft or camp sites due to changing water conditions or group numbers as needed.
  • We will do our best to keep requested sites and itineraries but all reservations are subject to change without notice and refunds will not be given for change of trip details.
  • James River Runners reserves the right to deny service to anyone we deem incapable or unfit for the activity chosen.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice although we do our best to honor advertised prices.
  • All participants MUST be able to swim for all activities and fill out the required waiver/contract. 
  • Footwear is required at all times on and off the water.

No answer to your question? Please ask us.